J.K. Persy

J.K. Persy

Answers to the riddles

  • The False Report

    The page numbers of a newspaper, when it's open, are always even-odd, for example, 2-3, 4-5, etc. Therefore, the police report cannot be true, as pages 9 and 10 of the newspaper cannot be facing each other.

  • The Thief on the Ship

    The sailor lied. It was a Japanese ship, and the Japanese flag is white with a red circle in the middle. You can't hang it upside down.

  • The Murder on the Farm

    Joan. She gave false testimony because when planting onions, you use bulbs, not seeds.

  • The Night Visit

    A person who has turned on the gas in the apartment won't enter it with a lit match.

  • The Three Brothers

    When Kevin Kris mentioned the robbery, he didn't mention his brother's name, but the husband immediately said: "Poor Steven".

  • The Cunning Abduction

    This is a true story that happened in Taiwan. When the father came to the phone booth, he found a carrier pigeon in a cage there. Attached to it was a note saying that the diamond should be placed in a small pouch attached to the pigeon's neck and released from the cage. When he did this, the pigeon flew across the city to its loft, and the police couldn't track it.

  • The Grand Escape

    The tallest person should climb up. He has the longest arms, and he'll be able to reach the window.

  • The Million Dollar Wager

    The magician did not specify that the child couldn't hold his breath while underwater in a way that didn't involve traditional means. So, the child simply held his breath while submerged for over 10 minutes, without cheating or using any additional equipment.

  • The Deadly Meal

    Mrs. Smith used a knife smeared with poison on only one side of the blade. When she cut the apple in half, only the portion intended for the victim turned out to be poisoned.

  • The Bomb in the Warehouse

    The guard admitted that he slept at night while on duty.

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